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Custom Woven Fabric

Custom made…. A unique expression of your ideas, woven into fabric.  We are one of America’s last natural fiber textile mills.  We weave cotton and wool into tapestry fabric that can be used for wall decor, blankets, pillows, even fabric for your couch; the sky is the limit. When one hears the phraseglitch-collage2.jpg “I had it Custom Made” the mind automatically turns to thoughts of style, prosperity, opulence, uniqueness, flair, and yes, even a bit of envy. Imagine having a skilled team of talented artisans available that can help you experience those feelings for yourself, and spark a touch of envy and admiration in those whom you invite into your home. We are that team. We can create yards and yards of fabrics, to your specifications, in color palettes that suit your style. Our artisans are able to help you create stunning fabrics that are suitable for many uses, far beyond wall art.

We can help you design woven, not printed; fabric specifically based on your style, your color scheme, and your desires. Woven with care and craftsmanship, using only the highest caliber cotton, silks, wools, and chenille. Woven, NOT printed. There are many companies out there that can sell you fabric, either printed with their choices, or printed using yours, but we are master weavers by trade, and we can provide a rich, luxurious, woven fabric, one that is all yours, and we are able to do so with great attention to detail, using high quality materials. Let us help make your décor dreams come to life, we want to weave your personality and style into one of a kind fabrics for your living space.

Custom Woven Wall Hangings
Our Custom woven wall tapestries can be seen in restaurants in Singapore, hotels in Prague, and on handsome Custom furniture, all over the world.  We are the worlds largest weaver of woven wall tapestries. We have over 2,000 designs in our library and we make Custom wall tapestries for artists worldwide.

Artists have trusted us to recreate their artwork in large format wall tapestries. Do you have a large space and need a sizable piece of art? Think large woven wall tapestry.

Custom Tapestry Blankets
We weave Artistic BlanketsWoven Designer ArtArtist Designer FabricTextile ArtCustom Upholstery TextilesOn Demand Woven Art for artists and companies worldwide. Artists have used Kickstarter campaigns to develop Custom tapestry fabric for their blanket projects.

Custom Woven Upholstery Fabriclarge-vans-superchief-soft-04.jpg
Our 100% cotton, Custom upholstery fabric is perfect for furniture manufacturers, or interior designers.  Have an idea for upholstery fabric? Allow us to take your ideas and turn them into woven reality.  We can weave an order of Custom upholstery fabric in twenty-yard minimums.  We can weave a range of designs based upon your artwork and patterns.  We need high quality images or design files to get started.  Our customers include fabric wholesalers, interior designers, and superior hotels worldwide.


Custom Woven Pillows & Chair Cushions
We can weave your Custom fabric patterns into pillow covers, and chair cushions, in sizes to suit your needs.  Imagine your ideas, Jacquard woven into premium Custom pillows and chair cushions.


Custom Woven Curtains
Our Custom woven curtains are made from our premium quality tapestry fabric, and are certain to bring functional beauty to your home or office.

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